Start Accepting Card Payments

Start accepting card payments

Customers expect to make card payments

Start accepting card payments

Now, more than ever, it is incredibly important to offer your customers card payment. Out of the 40 billion payments in the UK, only 23% were made with cash. In fact, the average consumer carries just £25 in cash, usually just for emergency purposes. If you want to accept payments higher than this figure it is vital to have a card machine. In doing so, you’ll be boosting the potential for financial growth of your business.

COVID-19 has further accelerated the transition towards card payments. Mastercard reported a 40% surge in contactless payments with consumers remaining largely resistant towards exchange physical cash.

What are the benefits of accepting cards?

Benefits of accepting card payments
  1. Insights. You may have heard about the power of data. Monitoring your card payments rather than till cash payments provides you with valuable insights to make informed based decisions.
  2. Speed. We all know that UK consumers have a dislike towards queuing. Cash involves some manual and tedious back and forth exchanges whereas card payments are fast. You’re literally able to serve more customers per hour!
  3. Customer convenience. It’s not unusual for customers to carry zero cash and in some instances not even a wallet! There is an increasing tendency for consumers to make payment by tapping their smartphone using Google or Apple pay.
  4. Higher purchases. Without a card machine, customers can only spend according to how much cash they have in their wallet. With a card machine, the skies the limit!
  5. Customer happiness. Not only do customers expect to make card payments, they want to accumulate points for spending with their credit card provider. They’ll be more likely to return with knowledge that they’ll be accumulating these valuable points.


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