Looking for a new card payment provider?

Looking for new card payment provider

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Already taking payments? You could be missing out on crucial savings all because of the rates determined by your current contract. We can take a look at your current merchant statement and see exactly where and how much you will save. It’s really easy, simply send us your merchant statement and we’ll take a look. There’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to help you save but there is certainly no harm in checking, especially if you’ve been on the same contract for a long time.

What you should look for when switching card payment providers

What to look for when switching card payment providers
  1. Valuable insights. Data is incredibly important and having clear access to transactions, stock levels, peak periods will enable you to make informed based decisions on the operations of your business.
  2. Customer service. Given the cruciality of taking payments, you cannot afford to have any hiccups with taking payments. If there are any problems, customer service is your only option. A fast and helpful customer service team is a must.
  3. Reviews. There is no better way to see the quality of a card payment provider than having a look at their reviews on Google and Trustpilot. This will give you a true opinion of the company, rather than that of a sales person.


Why switch through card payment guru?
Will I need a new merchant account?
Will there be any disruption to taking payments during the switch?
What forms of card will I be able to accept?
Will you be available to save on fees?
Can I still switch if I’m in a contract with my current card payment provider?

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