5 reasons why you should switch payment providers

For customers that switch, the average savings on fees is 16%

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1. Cheaper payment processing fees

Why Switch
As the saying goes, if you don’t ask you don’t get. If you’ve been on your current contract for a few years, there’s a high probability that another provider will be able to provide you with cheaper rates.

Our average saving for businesses switching payment providers is 16%.

2. You’re probably missing out on valuable insights

While you maybe accepting card payments, chances are you could be missing out on valuable insights to better manage the operation of your business. Switching to a company that offers you cheap transactional fees as well as intelligent software will give you the necessary visibility you need to manage your business.

3. Shorter contract terms

Why Switch
Business is unpredictable. Being able to move in an agile manner is paramount. No one wants to be financially tied into a long and unnecessary contract. A few years ago, it wasn’t unheard of for businesses to sign 5+ year contracts. Now you should know that the average contract length is 18 months however there are some companies offering as little as 12 month contracts.

4. COVID safe technology

Why Switch
Most card payment machines have physical buttons in order for customers to enter their pin to validate transactions. However, these are incredibly difficult to clean properly due to the presence of raised buttons. Did you know that there is an alternative? It comes in the form of a slick and easy to clean touch screen card machine terminal. One simple wipe after each use makes your customer feel that their hygiene needs are being attended to.

63% of customers would switch to a business if they offered contact payments.

5. Revenue stream diversification

A great payment provider will support you on multiple levels not just through in-person payments. They should be able to provide you with inventory management, order online and pick up in person, over the phone, ecommerce help and can even help with your website design. This is what we call an omnichannel experience, where you give your customers a range of options in order for them to make a purchase at their own convenience.

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